Our Services



We specialize in close tolerance and geometrically difficult parts!!!



CNC Turning of parts in the size range 0-14" diameter specializing in turning 0-2.5" diameter parts in collets. Capable of turning parts up to 32" long. Tolerance holding capacity of 0.0001 in. on diameter. Experience hard turning materials up to hardness of 62 Rockwell C. Surface finish capability of 8 micro inch Ra.


CNC Milling of parts in the size range of 40'x24'x24'. Machines with 3 axis, 4 axis, and 5 axis of programmable motion. Machines capable of high speed machining up to 15000 rpm, as well as heavy duty milling with high torque 50 taper machines.



Surface grinding 12"x24". Cylindrical grinding 6" diameter by 20" long. Centerless grinding up to 2 " diameter.



Automatic horizontal and vertical production sawing of material up to 12" diameter.



Mig and tig welding capabilites of steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.


Vibratory Finishing



Dot peen and CNC engraving capabilities. Also can serialize engrave part tracking.