About Aero Precision Machine






Aero Precison Machine is a job shop located in Liberty, NC, founded in 1992 by Mike Langlois. As a family owned small business we can offer a high level of support and close attention to detail for our customers. We have two climate controlled buildings totaling 17,000 sq ft., equipped with 13 modern CNC machine tools and numerous support equipment. When you contact Aero Precision you will be working with the founder and owner Mike or one of his two sons, Steven and Joseph Langlois. We work with customers from the first point of contract and through the entire project until the point of customers receiving completed parts. Customers can contact one of us and get quick feedback from someone that will be involved with your parts from start to finish.


Our main focus is CNC turning and milling of close tolerance and geometrically challenging parts. We work with a wide variety of metals, and plastics. We have experience with hard turning and milling. We can support customer requirements of any quantity parts. Customers needing help with prototype runs or high volume production can find a solution for their needs with Aero Precision. We work with a variety of industries that have pushed us to grow our skills in metal working. We have aerospace customers that require close tolerance as well as high level of quality control and documentation. Also we support customers with high volume parts requirements for new machine builds as well as low volume spare part support.


In addition to providing parts per customer prints, Aero Precision offers additional services of cad drawn print creation, reverse engineering of supplied parts, modification and redesign, and light assembly. At Aero Precision we take pride in overcoming the challenges encountered working in manufacturing and the relationships with customers we have built through the years of support.